In Memory

Sadly, in the Loso Community many people are afflicted with some very serious diseases. This is a hard fact we have to live with. I know personally myself and my other admin friends in the Loso community groups spend more time then we would care to, announcing the loss of another taken too soon.

I wanted to create this page in memory of all of them. One loss is no more or less important then another. They all deserve remembrance.

By speaking and sharing their name we can memorialize them all. Feel free to comment and share names and stories if you wish.

This a little something I wrote many moons ago, I thought it fitting to share.

Precarious are the threads of life’s fate
Through moments we love and ones we hate
With time our wounds will heal
Never the less each moment we must feel
Loss, Love and Life
We struggle through the ignoble strife
With all the trials and tribulations
One can only hope for an ounce of patience
To find a true friend is a rare thing
Happiness they will forever bring
In life you will never be alone
With hardship true friends are always known


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  1. Angela Tibbits November 16, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    That’s beautiful, Mary!


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