Food Trackers

First and foremost… Track your food.

How can you possibly know what you need to take out or add if you have no clue what you are consuming in the first place? Before you say it… no … no you don’t know what you are consuming. You think you know, but you don’t. Everyone argues (including me) that they KNOW what they are eating. That they are FOODIES (ahh hmmm… me again) and KNOWWWW what they eat. Then you discover that there is sodium in garlic cloves, and celery is naturally higher in sodium then other vegetables. Trust me, track your food.

Regardless of how you do it, a handwritten journal, an APP, or even an APP you built yourself. Just track everything, and be honest with yourself. No fudging the numbers.

Me personally, I use the free version of MyFitnessPal. They have both free and paid for premium versions to choose from.

Here are some others.

My Net Diary


Sodium Tracker – I believe this is an Apple only app

Facebook Groups

Find one that fits you. They all have a different vibe. These are two I have enjoyed.

Shakin’ the Salt – A Low Sodium Lifestyle This is a group that I have been in and an Admin of since my diagnosis.

Hacking Salt – The Low Sodium Community This was the group Christopher Lower started before he passed, and now his wife Mary Lower keeps things going.

Healthy Eating I know this one is not Low Sodium specific, but it is a great source for a ton of recipes and tips on eating healthy real food. When cooking with real food it is a lot easier to just omit added salt and convert dishes to lower sodium options.

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